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  1. Ltr head, pep shocks, and other parts

    For Sale
    18.5 lt pep Ltd mass zps 8 click front and rear shocks, need serviced.-700obo Ryde fx 18.5 lt shocks in great condition-150 shipped Ltr 450 cylinder head with new seats cut 0 time on it, comes with new titanium intake valves and springs still in package as well as cams no caps or exhaust...
  2. 06-07 Cylinder head!! O.B.O

    For Sale
    I have a cylinder head I'm looking to sell! I wont be needing it so I'm willing to negotiate price! My cell number is 801-897-8795 feel free to call or text! I'm taking it into my buddies shop to have it media blasted. This is a BARE head but I do have cams and retainers for it if you would like...
  3. I need help!

    Does anyone know how to remove and reinstall valve guides?? What do I need and how do I get it done?
  4. What should I do?

    Hey guys! I was needing some advice on my rebuild... I needed new intake valves so I tore my motor down and I found that my valve seats look to be in great shape but Ive heard that even when they look fine they still need to be cut etc... the valves were shot. that was for sure but should I...
  5. 2008 LTR complete part out

    For Sale
    2008 LTR part out(Head, chassis, cases) Bought a 08 LTR from a guy in town. Not a scratch on the frame, Honestly not even under it. I can be reached at 706-993-6991 for any parts you need. Top end is ready to be shipped but gonna spend this weekend pulling the rest of the bike apart. Due to...
  6. Time to Build up, Need a Good Engine Shop in AZ?

    So I have finally decided to do a little build up on my 06 LTR. My Plans are Bigger valves, port, cams, and a higher compression piston. I need to know if there is any good shops around, preferably in the east valley. I was going to use Dirt Fiend Racing, but I can't get a hold of them, need any...
  7. 2006 Need head prefer w/cams

    just bought this 06' and discovered that the cam lock (sorry if thats not the correct name) on the intake side was cracked... ordered some used ones and went to install them. Found the head to be cracked on the sprocket side of the intake cam. Cam journal looks to b marred and cam shows wear...
  8. power commander III maps? and broken header bolt?:S

    so tonight i just put a cp piston in 13.75/1 and i also have a uni filter with hmf slip-on so if anyone has a good map for that id apriciate it. and i was an idiot and broke a bolt on the head for the header! i just left if with one on there for now. will it be ok with just one bolt holding the...