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  1. Help - Running lean & backfiring

    Hi Guys, Recently bought an 09 LTR. It has a CRBM, Twin Air filter with exhaust baffle removed. The bike runs too lean (white spark plug) and can reach +90c if I stop and idle for a minute or two. It seems to run well with the exception of backfiring on deceleration at high revs and can take a...
  2. Fuel pump not priming

    Hey guys, more issues. I turn on my key and the only light that comes on is the neutral light, fuel pump doesn't prime, and the FI and gas light stay dark. I did the blob delete yesterday and started it up after and ran fine so I know my wiring was correct. I have tried all the easy stuff...
  3. Fuel Pressure Help!!!!

    I just purchased a LTR450 love the bike however it let me down on my second ride! Climbing a hill jumped the top and it ran funny for about 10 seconds and stalled. After being towed out this is what I have found so far. I have no trouble codes on the FI light. Checked spark its fine. Just...
  4. Issues with ltr 450 please help

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    :shocked: I am having issues with my 06' LTR 450 when I get any over half throttle it bogs down and sort of pops (backfires i think). I have changed the spark plug to Iridium and also checked the fuel filter and it was fine. I would love for this issue to be resolved I have had a blast on...