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  1. Frame/wheels

    For Sale
    Hey guys new to the group but a long time ltr racer I have a 07 frame powder coated black has been welded in 2 spots one from factory defect missing a weld and other on the bottom no bends in frame however $150 Obo shipped also have two sets of wheels want to sell one set or the other one is 4+1...
  2. 2008 LTR complete part out

    For Sale
    2008 LTR part out(Head, chassis, cases) Bought a 08 LTR from a guy in town. Not a scratch on the frame, Honestly not even under it. I can be reached at 706-993-6991 for any parts you need. Top end is ready to be shipped but gonna spend this weekend pulling the rest of the bike apart. Due to...
  3. WTB: Frame

    I'm chasing a frame for a 2009 LTR... I'm in Australia so I know freight is going to be expensive but it'll be cheaper than a new frame from suzuki down here! :P
  4. Wtb ltr frame and more

    I want to buy a 2008 LTR frame with title, possible a arms. I dont want a bent a frame with cracks or welds. I dont want to pay top dollar, I am looking for reasonable prices