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  1. WTB Plastics

    Looking for a set of Plastics: both fenders gas tank cover and sides. Located in Central WI .Color and minor scuffs are not important. Mine are sprayed with bed liner and look horrible. Thanks! Jared
  2. No Rear Plastics ??

    With summer on its way and no more mud or rain im looking to change my bike up a bit. I was wandering if anyone has ran their bike with no rear plastics at all >? im sure some of you drag guys must have ? Any pictures would be appreciated tnx :rock:
  3. Black or White set of Plastics

    looking for a set of black or white plastics cut or uncut. + an estimate of shipping to the UK . Cheers :beerchug:
  4. Ltr with mixed fenders?

    Does anyone have any picture with ltr's with mixed yellow and white fenders? I wanted to mix mine but I didn't know how it would look like.