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  1. Ltr 450 graphics

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, i have a 2008 limited edition ltr 450 in black. im in need of some graphics and im looking for a blue scheme. does anyone have any pictures of their black ltr 450 with graphics on????:)
  2. 08 ltr 450 question

    General Discussion
    hey guys. I have an 08 ltr 450 and my quad wont go into gear when its off. once i start it up, it goes into 2nd gear but not first. i was told its the pin right by the shift lever on the shaft but i wanted to make sure. also does anyone have pictures of their black ltr with graphics on it? thank...
  3. Should I get my LTR tuned? Please help

    I have an '08 with Yoshimura RS-5 full exhaust, no air box, and a Cherry Bomb, also an in-line fuel filter if it matters. I've never had it tuned before and it runs alright but I think it used to run better. What do you think?
  4. Full DASA, Motoworks slip-on, stock head pipe w/o2 bung

    For Sale
    *Full Dasa freshly packed with 2hrs on it good condition other than the new screw holes that are drilled on the back of the can - $230 shipped obo *Motoworks Slip on freshly packed - $100 obo SOLD *Stock head pipe with o2 bung - $50 PayPal ONLY
  5. Yosh, Intake, Suzuki Bumper

    For Sale
    I have a full Yosh exhaust for sale, $275.00 shipped!!! Stock intake box with the Trinity package, K&N filter and screen. Intake box is whole no cuts, comes with lid and stock filter as well $40.00 Aftermarket Suzuki Brand bumper, in good shape. $SOLD Text for pics, 801-550-2588
  6. What should i do next ?

    Im ready for some more power but dont want to spend massive amounts. Unsure on what the next best step is , i am currently running the following: > Full Rossier exhaust >13 tooth front sprocket >Cherry Bomb >Uni Air Filter
  7. Help with cam questions!

    I have a 2007 Suzuki ltr 450 with stock exhaust and only mod is a cherry bomb....I'm looking to get a little bit more sound out of more of an aggressive idle....will a stage one cam help with that? I want to do this without having to go deep into the installation of a cam...
  8. Which exhaust is best for an 07 Ltr?

    Most people have recommended me Sparks, HMF, Dasa, Yoshimura, Rossier, etc. but I still don't know what to choose. I ride mostly dunes, but I want to start riding in dirt and desert conditions. I want an exhaust that sounds the best, gives the most power, and looks good.
  9. Do I need a pc3? Help

    I have a 06 ltr and I want to get a slip on exhaust. I'm looking at the hmf exhaust. I currently have a cherry bomb, no baffle on the exhaust, and the airbox lid off. I would like to know if I need to get a pc3 or anything like that if I get the exhaust.
  10. Exhaust shopping...

    General Discussion
    I'm on the market for a new exhaust, however I want someting really different, that not many people run? any suggestions? Cheers everyone
  11. Dasa exhaust

    For Sale
    Up for sale is a complete DASA exhaust. Its in great shape and is very clean. The canister has fresh dark silver powdercoating on it and the muffler was just repacked. There are a few chips on it however they cant be seen on the top side when installed. (missing bolts in pic will be replaced)...
  12. Paddle/sand tires/exhaust

    For Sale
    Got a set of tires, fronts are 21x7x10 sand stars rears are 20x11x8 GBC sand sharks both are pretty much brand new only rode on mayb 3 times, iv also got a motoworks carbo slip on for sale, you can call or text anytime 501-412-8911 ill send pics, not sure how to upload them
  13. Rossier clean up ¬!

    Wanted to freshen up my Rossier so decided to give it a paint job , was simple and cheap to do with a good finish. Bellow are the main steps i carried out: 1) Remove can from bike 2) Depending on size of scratches choose appropriate grit of sand paper and work your way down to a 300 grit (...
  14. Oven curing heat proof paint !!

    about to spray my Rossier can with heat proof black spray paint , the can will fit in my oven to cure but just a few quick questions to anyone who may have done this and has some knowledge on it . Firstly can you put the can in the oven with all the exhaust packing etc inside or should that be...
  15. Exhuast Decals ?

    Hi i need some replacement Rossier exhaust decals but cant seem to find them any where for sale ??
  16. Which aftermarket exhaust?

    General Discussion
    ok guys its the age old question.. which exhaust should i get and where from? i have looked at dasa, rossier, fmf, and everything else and i cant decide. someone who has had experience with them gimme some insight please ill mainly be dune riding or jumping my quad. Thanks guys
  17. Tereo for sale to get parts for Quad!

    For Sale
    pioneer head unit- $50 obo kicker zx 1000.1 amp (1200watt max output)- $250 jl audio 13wt5 subs in custom box- $500 whole system- $700 i still have the boxes for the amp and subs that they came in. would also consider trading for suzuki ltr 450 parts to fit a 2009 ltr 450- nerf bars...
  18. New member, could use some help also.

    Member Introductions
    Hey guys im new to the forum and i just bought an 09 ltr450 its completely stock nothing has been done to it yet and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what all i should do to this things to make it tear up the dunes and track when i cant make it to the dunes. i have had quads...
  19. New and Want Some Help!

    General Discussion
    :1zhelp: Hey guys im new to the forum and i just bought an 09 ltr450 its completely stock nothing has been done to it yet and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what all i should do to this things to make it tear up the dunes and dirt when i cant make it to the dunes. i have had...
  20. Want to buy yosh header pipe for Rs5

    Looking to buy a header pipe for a yosh rs-5 slip on. Thanks!