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  1. Burnt clutch, now no power to starter or fuel pump

    '06 LTR450, I've had the bike since new. Not a single issue with it other than teaching too many people how to ride on it. My buddy today burnt out the clutch, yesterday I noticed the clutch not grabbing until the lever was basically all the way out. Made an adjustment and it operated fine...
  2. Tip Over Sensor bypass and Engine coolant temp Sensor

    Hey guys, is there any way to completely bypass the tip over sensor? I really dont have the money to buy the eliminator, and I did the silicon mod and the bike is still giving me the code for it, so I think I have a bad sensor. Also i am getting a code for the engine coolant temp sensor, could...
  3. Fuel pump not priming

    Hey guys, more issues. I turn on my key and the only light that comes on is the neutral light, fuel pump doesn't prime, and the FI and gas light stay dark. I did the blob delete yesterday and started it up after and ran fine so I know my wiring was correct. I have tried all the easy stuff...
  4. TPS Electrical connector replacement

    I need the sealed electrical connector on the wiring harness that attaches to the throttle position sensor. It's grey with three wires into it. Mine is destroyed and I want to just rewire a new one into the existing wiring harness instead of replacing the entire harness for just one connector...
  5. Confusing electrical issue

    Fuses blow when switched on. Hello all, any advice is greatly appreciated. I have an issue with my bike that has gotten the better of me, and many other seasoned shade tree mechanics, as well as my local cycle shop mechanics. I have searched the forums for a few days now and have not found...
  6. LTR Parts, engine, tranny, etc

    For Sale
    LTR450 Parts, cases, misc, ecu I have some LTR450 parts left from parting out my machine. Can send pictures of anything you would like. Payment by Paypal or money order threw a wal-mart. Call or Text Message 978-228-9037 for easy contact and pictures. Engine: Inner cases (both...
  7. Power commander 3 or 5?

    im trying to decide which power commander im going to buy and im not sure which one i want.. i was hoping you guys could help me out here.. i know the power commander 5 is more customizable but is it better? ill give you a list of what im in process of putting on my quad so itll help out. also...
  8. Stalling/Electrical/Starting Issue

    OK, I have a 06 Ltr45o. Heres the problem, I was riding and all the sudden it stalls out, so i get it back to the shop and jump it, and it runs fine hooked up to jumper cables. So i got a new battery, and it rode fine for about a week of occasional riding, then i go on a ride and it stalls...
  9. starts, idles, click in gear and dies???

    hey there. i got a 2006 ltr 450 that will start and idle and rev up great when the bike is in neutral. i can pull in the clutch and it still works great, but once i put it in gear it dies. i thought the clutch might not be disengaging but its not that because i can get the revs up before i put...