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efi controller

  1. looking for pc5 or pc3

    looking for a power commander 3 or 5 with or without autotune ok if used as long as it really works.
  2. EFI Controller Wanted

    Looking for a power commander 3 or 5 efi controller pm me if you have one for sale thanks! i also have a kicker zx1000.1 amp i would trade for one
  3. Which aftermarket exhaust?

    General Discussion
    ok guys its the age old question.. which exhaust should i get and where from? i have looked at dasa, rossier, fmf, and everything else and i cant decide. someone who has had experience with them gimme some insight please ill mainly be dune riding or jumping my quad. Thanks guys
  4. Efi management systems

    Hey guys ive been runnin a power commander IV but i had it mounted in my airbox long story short it got melted by my dasa along with the bottom of my airbox but ive been lookin around since i upgraded to the big bore and cams anyone tinkered with a bazzaz programmer or does any one know if msd...