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  1. Dyno/Tuning Room
    I need a power commander 3 map for my 06 Mods- cherry bomb lid off with K&N Hotcams stg 1 Intake & Exhaust Mild port an polish by miller decked head JE 12.8:1 piston stock bore Pro Circuit exhaust 91 fuel Anyone with similar mods would be greatly appreciated. I Have searched the thread from...
  2. Dyno/Tuning Room
    Hey guys im looking for a map for the following PLEASE just above sea level, 1200 ft 75-80 degrees dasa full exhaust velocity intake with lid removed hotcam intake....stock exh. I'm using the the basic dasa map from fuel atv but it seems like i'm not getting enough fuel hi range in 3rd...
  3. Dyno/Tuning Room
    This is a noob question on help in understanging this tuning stuff, and what equipment I need. I appologize in advance for the length of this post, but I have a lot of questions. I've spent hours reading the posts here, and although learned a lot, still have questions. I have an auto repair...
1-3 of 3 Results