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  1. Duning
    I need to know what to do to my LTR before going to the dunes. I currently just have the cherrybomb, no airbox lid and baffle removed. Is there anything else that I need to get good performance at the dunes? Thanks
  2. General Discussion
    i have my 07 ltr 450 and my friend has an 05 yfz 450. here is a list of what we have done to our bikes. LTR yoshi exhaust pro design intake pclll high compretion piston 13:1 web cams +1 one intake and exhaust valves slight port and polish on the head running 110 race gas sprockets are 13 front...
  3. General Discussion
    hey guys i just put my paddles on my quad for the first time and im getting ready to go out to Little Sahara, OK this weekend and i noticed my paddles aren't even. Do they need to be even on both sides in case i am going to do a wheelie and one side doesn't grab before the other? Will this...
1-4 of 4 Results