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  1. For Sale
    *Full Dasa freshly packed with 2hrs on it good condition other than the new screw holes that are drilled on the back of the can - $230 shipped obo *Motoworks Slip on freshly packed - $100 obo SOLD *Stock head pipe with o2 bung - $50 PayPal ONLY
  2. For Sale
    I have an 06 frame sub frame and stock a arms do have bill of sale from gentleman before me do not have title. Blingstar front bumper stock ear bumper stock seat pro taper bars like new. Stock shifter and I have too many parts to list. Looking for after market parts just to update my atv all my...
  3. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    Most people have recommended me Sparks, HMF, Dasa, Yoshimura, Rossier, etc. but I still don't know what to choose. I ride mostly dunes, but I want to start riding in dirt and desert conditions. I want an exhaust that sounds the best, gives the most power, and looks good.
  4. For Sale
    Up for sale is a complete DASA exhaust. Its in great shape and is very clean. The canister has fresh dark silver powdercoating on it and the muffler was just repacked. There are a few chips on it however they cant be seen on the top side when installed. (missing bolts in pic will be replaced)...
  5. Dyno/Tuning Room
    Hey guys im looking for a map for the following PLEASE just above sea level, 1200 ft 75-80 degrees dasa full exhaust velocity intake with lid removed hotcam intake....stock exh. I'm using the the basic dasa map from fuel atv but it seems like i'm not getting enough fuel hi range in 3rd...
  6. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    Does anyone else have dasa exhaust and running oversized oil tank? Will I have clearance issues with the header hitting the tank? I know dasa has a different bend than my sparks. I just ordered a dasa and didn't ask this prior to buying hope to find an answer thanks brad
  7. Body/Controls/Protection
    Wanted to freshen up my Rossier so decided to give it a paint job , was simple and cheap to do with a good finish. Bellow are the main steps i carried out: 1) Remove can from bike 2) Depending on size of scratches choose appropriate grit of sand paper and work your way down to a 300 grit (...
  8. Body/Controls/Protection
    Hi i need some replacement Rossier exhaust decals but cant seem to find them any where for sale ??
  9. Wanted
    i was just woundering if anybody knew where i could get a anodized end cap for my new dasa pipe preferably black or blue
  10. Wanted
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and referred by my buddy. But I'm currently building up my 07 LTR and have everything besides an exhaust I have a few in mind and wonder if anyone is selling one. I'm looking for a full exhaust by yoshi, dasa, rossier, jsr, ron woods, or jardine. If your selling one...
  11. Dyno/Tuning Room
    I am hoping that somebody would be able to assist me. I've searched the forums and found a map posted by "Big Rob" (in February 2007) which is very similar to what I am looking for, however his map is for an elevation of 1500 feet, whereas I am at sea-level. I'm not sure exactly what the...
  12. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    does anyone know how loud the dasa pipes are? and with the quiet core?
  13. For Sale
    For sale NEED CASH FAST priced to SELL all parts were installed and ridden a few hrs NOT raced yet. Sold the quad in stock form so the good stuff is ready to sell. DASA Full exhaust PC3 USB Lone Star DC-4 Long Travel +0+0 a-arms Long Travel Elka Elite Shocks Black plastics Full set Uncut LIKE...
1-13 of 13 Results