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cherry bomb

  1. Parts wanted !

    General Discussion
    1. Pro Armor clutch and brake billet 2. Yoshimura cherry bomb 3, Rs5 Yoshimura exhaust system
  2. Best Gear Ratio for Sand Dune Drag Racing?

    General Discussion
    Hello LTR Community, I am reaching out to y'all with the not so simple question of; What is the best sprocket gearing ratio for drag racing on the dunes? I am currently running a stock 06 LTR 450 with the HMF Cherry Bomb, removed air intake lid, stock muffler with spark arrestor and baffle...
  3. Cherry bomb

    There is a cherry bomb and a fuel programmer on my 08 and I was wandering if I took off the cherry bomb do I have to change the amount of fuel on the programmer? And also how much power will I lose? If anything because of the programmer? and I do have the rs5 yoshimura exhaust and air box lid...
  4. Should I get my LTR tuned? Please help

    I have an '08 with Yoshimura RS-5 full exhaust, no air box, and a Cherry Bomb, also an in-line fuel filter if it matters. I've never had it tuned before and it runs alright but I think it used to run better. What do you think?
  5. Is this a homemade cherry bomb???

    General Discussion
    Hi guys so I bought my 08 ltr450 2 months ago and I was told by the guy I got it off that there was a cherry bomb installed on it so I took his word for it and never questioned him. When i was cleaning it this morning I got curious and started looking for the cherry bomb under the front plastic...
  6. Need Yoshimura Cherry Bomb

    Hi, I m looking for a New Yoshimura Cherry Bomb, if possible in the retail package. I would also need to be sent to Argentina Anyone ? Thanks in advance
  7. Cherry bomb w/ airbox lid

    Hi im looking into getting a cherry bomb for my Suzuki ltr 450, but to comply with race rules the air-box lid has to remain on.My question is will it run alright with cherry bomb,lid on and baffle/spark arrested thing from exhaust removed like it wont be to lean or anything? will there be a...
  8. Which aftermarket exhaust?

    General Discussion
    ok guys its the age old question.. which exhaust should i get and where from? i have looked at dasa, rossier, fmf, and everything else and i cant decide. someone who has had experience with them gimme some insight please ill mainly be dune riding or jumping my quad. Thanks guys
  9. Exhaust part please

    Okay so a park I ride has a new rule on the 19th. No ATVs allowed that are louder than 90 db's from 60' away while revving it up. Well the person I bought the bike from removed the spark arrestor and the baffel*. Long story short, I need these parts. Please let me know if you have cherry bombed...
  10. TFI controller and cherry bomb

    My quad is completely stock, the only thing it has is a k&n aftermarket air filter, air lid removed, and a yoshimura cherrybomb. If i take the cherry bomb off, it makes no difference what so ever!! Is it broken, or how can I do it so it makes a difference? :question: And I want to buy a...
  11. Help with Vortex EFI Interceptor

    Member Introductions
    I just got my ltr450. And it has a Vortex EFI Interceptor. I have no idea how to adjust this thing or anything about it. I need yer help and opinion about it. I want a cherry bomb but idk if it needs it if my bike has this. The bike has a full yoshi Rs-5. Tell me something you know! (:
  12. New cherry bomb

    For Sale
    New cherry bomb in box $20 ships!
  13. Yoshimura Cherry Bombs

    For Sale
    I have a BRAND NEW Yoshimura Cherry Bomb for sale that is still in the package. $25.00 shipped! please P.M. if interested.
  14. CRBM Cherry Bomb- Not Working? ideas-?

    So after washing my ltr, i went ahead and drained the gas and changed the fuel filter(aftermarket style) because its been a few tanks since rebuild and i just got some new 110 for it. I was wondering if i could see much of a difference with 110 vs 93 when i thought about how ive never tampered...