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  1. FI light problem

    General Discussion
    2007 Ltr 450r when only crank when FI light turns on. It will only idle for a few seconds the bog off, the injector will only spray when the fi light randomly kicks on. Went thru the wires, idk what the problem is.
  2. 2006 ltr 450. Will not rev up. Done all the suggestions in sticky.

    Started randomly and got worse over time. Quad will start easy and idle but will not rev up. Pops and backfires and will die if throttle left open. 1 checked fuel pressure. Good 2 found pressure dropped when throttle chopped at idle. Changed fuel pump with new Honda one. Fuel pressure good...
  3. Fuel Problem need help!

    Hey guys I'm having a problem that is drivin me crazy, ok here goes, my ltr ran fine one Saturday, Monday I went to unload it and it took forever to start and wen it did it ran like crap, I drained the tank, I have an inline filter that I put a new firer in, flushed the lines, took pump apart...