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  1. question about steering stem height

    Suspension / Steering / Chassis
    so i am looking for a new steering stem and im going up to 1 1/8 bars because i am getting flexx bars 12 degree quad racer. so i need to get a new clamp too. I am 5' 8" and i would like something a little bit taller so i think a +1 stem would be comfortable but the only stems i can find are...
  2. Full race bike lonestar fox everything you need to race

    ATV's For Sale / Wanted
    08 ltr 450 lonestar dc-pro a arms gen 2 fox shocks front and rear. Suspension new at beginning if this season. Lonestar hubs and axle. Tom miller motorwork. Everything must go. I have 2 extra sets if nerf bars 2 extra sets of rims and tires a whole motor besides head and piston. Extra set of...
  3. Noleen j6 standard length triple rate shocks

    For Sale
    In good shape have signs of use but not bad at all was told the shocks were set up for a 180 pound rider the shocks are 17.5 inches eye to eye might work for others quads $580 WOULD NEED YOUR STOCK SHOCKS IN RETURN!! Text me at 616-4110
  4. 2006 ltr 450 fs/ft

    ATV's For Sale / Wanted
    Wanting to trade to nice quad like mine with built motor. As you can tell this is in excellent condition just wanting something different motor has been completely gone through by Jeremiah jones himself. Has alot of new parts go to Craigslist to view having problems uploading with my phone very...
  5. 2009 LTR 450 Special Edition FEELER

    ATV's For Sale / Wanted
    Thinking about selling my 2009 Suzuki ltr 450 special edition $6000 The quad is race ready and is completely decked out. The list of mods are: Power commander 5 with autotune kit Full dasa exhaust wrapped Fuel atv intake kit Red ASV no break levers +2" steering stem spacer Red cv4 hose Red...
  6. Ltr 527 build

    Ltr 527 build

    Just got my frame back from the powder coders. And my new Elka suspension and iShock long travel suspension. Now I'm just waiting on the motor and my +3 swingarm
  7. Exhaust shopping...

    General Discussion
    I'm on the market for a new exhaust, however I want someting really different, that not many people run? any suggestions? Cheers everyone
  8. 2006 LT-R450 K6 Model

    General Discussion
    I've decided to make a post to tell everyone about my experiences of my 2006 LT-R450. Hopefully this will be of use to someone. Now, I'm new to this site, so if there is another place where I should post this let me know. Let me give you a list of the parts this bike has just FYI. Cherry...
  9. Convince me why I shouldn't buy a Honda.

    General Discussion
    I have a choice to make, brand new Honda TRX450r, or brand new LTR450r. Both bikes are getting stripped and rebuilt to the same spec, Walsh parts all round, after market everything you can think of.. So why should I buy a Suzuki instead of a Honda? and keep in mind me and my Dad are doing it...
  10. hybrid frame advice

    Suspension / Steering / Chassis
    I'm going to build a hybrid for 2014, and the first frame I thought of was a trx450 frame, but then I heard the trx250r frame handled better. But then, I know the geometry of an LTR450 is amazing. So what frame shall I use? which one handles the best? which one is easiest to drop a crf450 engine...
  11. Hybrid question...

    I hear how great hybrids are, and how much better than keeping in the production engine, so if they're so great, how come I never hear or see any? Is it as simple as that building one is a pain in the ass, or that there isn't much difference from a production bike? Please enlighten me someone...
  12. Half push thumb throttle?

    You know you can get half twist and quarter turn twist throttles? I was thinking, is there a thumb/push throttle that you only have to push half the distance to usual, in order to make it flat out? If not, do you reckon you could make one? what do we all think? Cheers guys
  13. Sand tire help

    Hey guys. Just got back from glamis and was a little disappointed in the performance of my bike. When I was just going on little rides my quad wasn't hooking up, just spinning the tires and roosting the crap out of whoever was following me. Then racing up olds I was gettin spanked by my...
  14. 06 ltr 450 new top end $3000 takes it, need to sell asap

    ATV's For Sale / Wanted
  15. 06 carb conversion help?

    I have an 06 ltr and its done nothing but give me problems .... it will not run correctly, I have changed every single part of the fuel system otger than the throttle bbody which I may try... but anyways Does anyone know of a cheaper way to do a carb kit other than buying the whole kit from...
  16. TFI controller and cherry bomb

    My quad is completely stock, the only thing it has is a k&n aftermarket air filter, air lid removed, and a yoshimura cherrybomb. If i take the cherry bomb off, it makes no difference what so ever!! Is it broken, or how can I do it so it makes a difference? :question: And I want to buy a...
  17. rear tires and gearing need advice

    Hey, i'm new with atv's and recently purchased a 2006 suzuki ltr 450. My question is, it has 10 inch wheels on the back, 20/11/10. Sprockets are stock though, 14 front, 38 back. For your information, I jump a little bit, nothing too extreme, I ride some track and a lot of cross country. So...
  18. LTR aftermarket PARTS(Fox,IMS,Stabilizer)

    For Sale
    LTR aftermarket PARTS(Fox,IMS,Precision) All of these parts are off of my 2006 LTR-450. I am getting rid of all of my aftermarket parts because I no longer am going to race this bike. 1st Gen Fox Floats 160 lb MX (single speed compression, pumps included) $520 Fox Rear Shock Setup for 160lb...
  19. New LTR450 rider from South Africa

    Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, Just want to pop in and say hi from South Africa. I am new to the forum and quadbiking but can see there is an abundance of info here. Looking forward to the new experience. Little bit about my ride. 2009 Suzuki LTR 450 yellow Cherrybomb Maxxis razor2 tyres Airage slip on pipe...
  20. 2007 rmz 450 $1800!!!!

    Non-ATV Related Classifieds
    I have a 2007 RMZ 450. it runs great has pro action suspension, hinson racing clutch, new piston, cylinder and crank. new tires, pro taper handle bars asking $1800. I just really need it gone because i found a snowmobile i want to buy. thanks 814-341-9597 call/text or PM