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1bbarney 01-19-2016 09:48 PM

Two complete LTR rebuilds (pics)

A few months ago I brought home a stock 06 ltr in pretty good shape.. my brother at the time was riding a trx 450 and began to like the ltr to the point of selling his trx. Long story short, he sold his trx for a good price and picked up a very used and kind of beat up ltr for a ridiculously low price. His has race tech suspension all around, dominator II axle, steering stabilizer, decent nerfs, and a few other goodies. The mods it has are literally worth twice as much as the bike. Anyways.. since his was beat up we decided to tear it down to the frame and do a complete refresh. We then decided that it wouldn't be fair to only refresh one bike and not the other right? So we decided to tear both bikes down and completely rebuild them both. Both bikes will be getting everything cleaned, powder coated, or painted. Both bikes will be getting a fresh motor. I love to see people's rebuild threads so I thought i'd share. Enjoy!

Mod list/color scheme

My bike:
neon yellow/cream soda blue
krazy graphics #21
JE 13.5:1
pro design intake
motoworks sr4/powerbomb exhaust
roll design nerf bars

Brothers bike
white/blood red
krazy graphics #454
JE 13.5:1
Race tech suspension
Dominator II
AC nerf Bars

Here's what we started with..








1bbarney 01-19-2016 10:02 PM

1bbarney 01-19-2016 10:15 PM

Dunat1c 01-20-2016 04:41 AM

:rockwoot:Nevermind the builds on the bikes...Check out that long travel rail in the background! Sweet garage full of toys! No, but seriously, looking forward to the progress on the LTR's also. :rockwoot:

1bbarney 01-21-2016 11:41 AM

Thanks! yes the rail is a very fun toy.. Got both bikes sent off to powdercoat and just picked them up yesterday, we got a killer deal. As always, the pictures don't do the job justice. The yellow has a much more vibrante greenish look in person.

1bbarney 01-22-2016 07:49 PM

Dunat1c 01-23-2016 07:31 AM

Powdercoating came out nicely. Those builds are looking good!

1bbarney 01-24-2016 03:17 PM

Thanks! I'm very happy with how the colors turned out

1bbarney 01-31-2016 11:39 AM

Got mine all finished up this weekend.. just waiting on a few minor things to get the other bike done. Both started up and ran strong, will try to get them to a dyno as soon as we can. I'm very happy with how they turned out

quadracer706 01-31-2016 05:19 PM

that neon yellow and blue has to be my favorite looking ltr I have seen on this forum. Very nice build

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