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Judsteele 11-16-2019 07:46 AM

Which one got fried ecu or pump?
Hooked up a power commander wrong! Added all the wires to the correct areas but... added the thicker longer black cable and added it to the positive side of battery and the other wire the thinner to the neg side of battery! Yes I knw newbie mistake! Iím new to LTR but not quads. But as of now the ďFIĒ light is on and the fuel pump wonít pump! Also I un hooked the ecu and it has a funny burnt plastic smell! What have I done?!! Itís a 08 ltr so idk if I should buy the 08 ecu or just buy later yr ecu?! Or is it the fuel pump? My buddy ran a jumper wire off it trying to power it up and nothing! Whatís the chances I ruined both? Thereís no fuses popped either. What should I do with this mess?! Thanks for any insight on this dumb mistake. The power commander was used with no directions so I figured it was a easy set up! Guess I was dead wrong.

Judsteele 11-20-2019 11:20 AM

Replaced ecu and still nothing. But when I jump the fuel pump with a 12v batter it does cycle. Now I have 2 flashes on my FI light instead of it being on constant like it was with old ecu. Iíd like for some help but I see Iím left with my dumb mistake to figure out. I wonder if it could be my relay also? Weird thing is no fuses blew! Just fried something else.

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